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Trade Wrestling DVDs

I'm from the UK but I trade wordwide. I only accept stuff sent to me via upload and I'm not interested in torrents or AVIs! On the slowest broadband upload speed of 50 Kbps it would take you 1 day to upload a single-layer DVD. If you only have physical discs then you'll need to convert those to digital ISO files as follows:

Install ImgBurn. Open it and choose Mode, Create image file from disc, under Destination choose where you want the ISO to be created and click save. Then click on the Disc icon on the bottom of the window and it will backup the discs to an ISO. A DVD usually takes up 4.7GB of space so make sure you have enough space on your hard drive to contain a whole season of ISOs.

You can upload stuff via which is a file sharing site with 50GB free space. You can use the uploaded tool from to make uploading easier. Alternatively you can use Tonido Portable which allows me to download directly from your PC (see bottom of this page for more info).

When I send stuff to you it will be physical Bluray discs. I mail worldwide with door-to-door tracking (when sending outside the UK).

If you're a member of a forum or any other website then please give me a link to your profile so I can check you out to see if I want to trade with you or not.

To trade with me, see section 3 in the contents below.

What I'm Interested In

Just because something isn't mentioned on this site, that doesn't mean I'm not interested in it! Just ask.





Minor Wrestling Promotions (need all seasons from every promotion)

Shoot Videos

I'm looking for any and all shoot videos as I don't have any.


TNA Impact 2004-2013.


TV Programmes

Unreleased/Deleted DVDs or Blurays

Deleted means stuff that is no longer available to buy on DVD/Bluray. Unreleased stuff means conversions of VHS-to-DVD stuff that was never released on DVD for example.

Trade With Me

We can trade DVDs, Blurays or Media Files in any of the following ways (in all cases you must send to me first):

1. You send me something I don't have in return for any "In Stock" item of an approximately equal length. You can also ask for my PPVs that are listed on my site as "not for sale".

2. You send something to me to re-master then I re-master it and send it back to you. Note that I'm nearly always working on sets for people so there will most likely be a queue so if you don't want to wait then see above. If that case, anything you send me will be remastered and made available to purchase in future where you can buy it or swap it again (of course you're under no obligation to do so).

Rules for Trading

If I contact you or if I already know you then you don't have to follow the instructions below or fill out the form.

Master Rule: In the event that you break any of the rules below but your footage is the only known footage in existence then the other rules do not apply and I will swap with you.

I need your home phone number (not a mobile). I may call you to verify the number works. In the event that I'm unable to reach you via email due to a problem with your email service, I will call you.

If you tell me no parts are missing but I find out later that there ARE missing parts or other unreported problems then you will receive NOTHING back from me.

Quality: I'm not interested in heavily compressed DVDs/torrents. For example if a single layer DVD has more than one 2 hour shows per disc, or more than two 1 hour shows per disc then I'm not interested.

Originals: I'm only interested in originals such as VHS to DVD/VHS to Bluray conversions or straight-to-DVD/Bluray/Media file (I do not work with VHS tapes). If the source footage has been re-encoded (excluding VHS-to-DVD which had to be re-encoded once from VHS to DVD & excluding Media File which may need to be re-encoded to capture the video) then I'm not interested. If you've converted PAL to NTSC or vice versa or if you've converted interlaced footage to progressive then I'm not interested. You can send me DVD/Bluray folders, ISOs, MPEG2s or h264 TS/M2TS files (not DivX or xVid). For commercially released PPV DVDs or Blurays, they should be exact disc to disc copies and NOT re-encoded (if sending files they should be in the ISO format). Commercially released VHS tapes which were never released on DVD should only have been re-encoded once to DVD/Bluray/Media file.

Completeness: If sending me seasons they must be complete with no episodes missing - for example you could check to see if you have all the dates mentioned and check the beginning and end of each episode match up with your videos to make sure no episodes or the start and ends are missing. No major parts must be missing such as promos/matches or major parts of them. Sometimes the person who recorded an episode may have not pressed the record button in time after a commercial break and a few seconds are missing from the start of a match or promo, that's OK but nothing should be missing from the end. If major parts are missing from your seasons, do not send incomplete seasons to me until you've found replacement episodes of the incomplete videos from someone else.

NTSC & PAL: For complete season shows I don't mind if they are PAL or NTSC. For commercially released DVDs, I'm only interested in NTSC DVDs unless the DVDs were exclusive to PAL. I accept any type of Blurays.

PPVs: Some re-releases of PPV DVDs have WWF logos blurred out due to a lawsuit forcing the WWF to rename themselves to WWE and remove WWF logos from their videos. Also other things may be removed, etc. In those cases I'm only interested in the original uncut releases unless the original release was VHS only in which case I'd rather have the DVD re-releases.

When requesting a trade please copy and paste the form below and fill it out. This form is designed to weed out time wasters and people who have no knowledge about their footage. Failure to answer all questions will result in no trade taking place.

1. Item(s) you want to swap and what you want in return (if sending standard definition stuff please state if they are PAL or NTSC):

2. Is the source of the material you're trading VHS to DVD, Straight to DVD, Straight to Media File or an exact disc to disc/folder/ISO copy of an officially released DVD or Bluray?:
Straight to Media File means that the programme was recorded off TV to a Media File. An MPEG2 you got from a DVD is not classed as "Straight to Media File".

3. If the source was "Straight to Media File" how was the material recorded and with what device?
For example did you record to DVR then capture the video with a capture card of some sort? Or did you record to DVR then copy and paste the video from your DVR to your PC?

4. Did you record the footage yourself?:

5. If the show is on a disc or was sourced from a disc, how many shows are/were on each disc?:
What is the approximate average bitrate of the season? (if there are several episodes that vary a lot in bitrate then please mention the bitrate of them). You can find out the bitrate of a video by installing MediaInfo (right click on the file, select MediaInfo then select the tree view and look for the video bitrate value:

6. Does the audio have noise that shouldn't be there such as hissing or clicking noises?:
It's OK if it does as I can remove that. I may not be able to remove the clicking noises, it just depends on the video. Note that I'm unlikely to be interested in Straight-to-DVD stuff that has clicking noises (paricularly frequent clicking noises) as that indicates the footage was not recorded properly as you shouldn't get clicking noises when connecting your satellite box to a DVD recorder.

7. If sending seasons, are any episodes missing?:
Are there any major missing parts from the episodes such as whole promos or matches or vital parts of them?:
Sometimes the person who recorded an episode may have not pressed the record button in time after a commercial break and several seconds are missing, that's OK.

8. Is it NTSC or PAL or High Definition?: 
What resolution is it and is it progressive or interlaced? (note that all commercially released DVDs are interlaced):

9. What country are you from?:

10. Are there any other problems which I should be made aware of?:
Is there anything else you would like to say?:

Uploading Footage via Tonido Portable

The Tonido software allows people to download directly from your PC via folders that you've allowed to be shared. The speed at which I can download is determined by your upload speed. I can only download from you, I can not delete or do anything else to your files. On the slowest broadband upload speed of 50 Kbps it would take 1 day to download a 4GB file from you based on your 50 Kbps upload speed..

To upload to me, download Tonido Desktop Portable from It doesn't install anything, instead you just unzip the files and it works.

You can create a folder somewhere on your PC called "Tonido Shares" if you want and any files you put inside that folder will be shared. Or perhaps you already have the files on a USB drive in which case to save you spending a long time copying files to your shared folder you can instead just share the USB drive. Unzip Tonido and open the "launcher.exe" file. A webpage will open. Enter the information it asks for. Then click on the Shared Files link on the left navigation area. Click on "New Share" then beside "Select a File/Folder to Share" click on "Select" then open "Drives", then find the folder you created and click on it. Then on the bottom of the window click on "Select" then Submit and tick "Allow Everyone" then click close. Copy the link you're given and give it to me.

I can then download the files directly from your PC from the folder you shared using your upload speed - whatever your upload speed is, is the speed I can download at. Your PC will need to be on for me to be able to download from you, so if possible leave your PC on until I've downloaded everything. You can turn your PC off at night if you have to as I can just resume the download in the morning as I have a download manager.

If you're sending me replacement episodes I need, in exchange for that (only after I verify that the episodes you gave me don't have the problems that my existing episodes had) I will give you a free season of your choice, you only need to pay for shipping if you don't live in the UK.