Trustpilot Reviews. I sell region-free worldwide compatible Wrestling Blurays in paper wallets, covers can be printed yourself or via photo printing websites & cases can be bought yourself. PAL works on PAL or multi-region players. I don't know when I'll be selling certain sets so don't ask - sign up to my newsletter or click the "Stock Notification" button on an item. If an item isn't mentioned that doesn't mean I won't be selling it in future! If a video is to do with wrestling then I'll eventually be selling it on this site!

I'm based in the UK. Please read the homepage of my site before asking questions. If you still have questions then feel free to contact me. I'll respond within 12 hours whenever possible.

You can call me or live text chat with me for free if you have Skype. Please do that whenever possible or if for some reason you're not getting a response via email (due to problems with your email service). My Skype name is At some point in the future I will be getting a freephone number but until then you can Skype me.


If there's a problem with anything you've bought from me, please tell me so I can fix it. I do my best to sell stuff without problems however I'm unable to watch the finished product before I sell it because that would take me another 2 weeks just to watch a whole season.


The yellow highlighted times are the times when it's possible to chat with me. I won't always be available at those times though.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I swap with you? See the Trade DVDs page in the sidebar
  • When will you be selling a certain item and how much will it cost?.  I will be selling ANY videos to do with wrestling such as Seasons, PPVs, Shoots, etc apart from copies of WWE and TNA officially released DVDs/Blurays that are still available to buy in the shops. I don't know when I'll be releasing certain videos so please don't ask - you may want to sign up to my newsletter. I'm always on the look out for new seasons and they'll be added to the site if I can find them. The prices are stated. If no prices are stated then I don't yet have the item.
  • What payments methods do you accept? All major Credit and Debit Cards. I do NOT accept Paypal.
  • Do you offer tracking?. Yes, if you're ordering from outside the UK. See the shipping page for more info.
  • Do you sell on auction sites or anywhere else?. No I only sell on
  • Does my PS3 support NTSC and PAL?. All PS3s support NTSC and European PS3s also support PAL. North American PS3's only support NTSC so you'll need a region free Bluray player to play PAL discs. Also note that you'll need an NTSC/and/or PAL compatible TV. Most of the items sold on this site are NTSC.
  • Can I buy half a season or a few episodes? No. I only sell full seasons.
  • "Do you do deals if I order multiple sets and or covers at once?". No because my prices are already fair especially considering that lower quality DVD sets sell for a similar price on other sites. My sets are much better quality. I have invested 2 full time weeks of unpaid time into making each set which is paid for by selling the finished product on this site.
  • How can I tell if your site is legitimate or not?

    On the bottom of my site is a link to my reviews on TrustPilot.

    Download the sample video in the third paragraph and do what it says to see a before and after comparison of a VHS-to-DVD video before and after I re-mastered it. Then you can see that I can indeed improve the quality of the videos.

    Do you think I'm going to make exclusive Bluray covers for discs that I don't have?

    If I was a conman I would be selling every season of every promotion and all the PPVs. As explained earlier, I only sell PPVs if they aren't being sold anywhere else and I only have a few seasons of Raw available because I haven't re-mastered the other seasons yet.

Some European Bluray Players that support NTSC (reported by my customers)

  • PS3 (All models in all countries)
  • Sony BDV-N790W

Email Me

See FAQ above before emailing me. Please add my my site to your safe list in your email program to make sure you get emails from me (Hotmail in particular seems to assume some mail is spam and it goes to your spam folder so you will never see it in your inbox).  If you don't get a reply within 24 hours then you either didn't enter your email address correctly or there's a problem with your email service because when I try to email you I get a "failed to deliver" message back. Try contacting me via Skype instead or via an email address from a different service provider.

Please provide your name, country and optionally your phone number (no mobiles please). Your phone number may be used to contact you if I'm unable to reach you by email due to technical difficulties.

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