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I sell rare wrestling DVDs (Blurays) that can NOT be bought anywhere else. I also offer a restoration service (for anything not just wrestling DVDs) where I can do restoration on your VHS-to-DVD conversions (see the Trade Wrestling DVDs link at the top of the page) or on any type of video at all. For example I can re-master your wrestling DVDs to Bluray where they will look and sound better than the originals. Please take the time to read this whole page, it will answer all your questions. In the nxt few paragraphs I will briefly explain the restoration I do. For more information about the restoration or anything else regarding my site please visit the sections below.

Typically when doing restoration on wrestling DVDs, I work with videos that were taken from 1 two-hour show per single-layer DVD or 2 one-hour shows per single-layer DVD and on rare occasions I have a single two-hour show on a Dual-Layered disc in better quality. I DO NOT work with stuff that have more shows than that per disc as it will be heavily compressed. Even the best VHS-to-DVD conversions have a constant hissing noise or other noises and they have compression artifacts in the picture. This is because the people who originally recorded them didn't have the knowledge or the correct equipment to convert VHS to DVD properly - they simply used a VHS & DVD Recorder combo. Even if you use the correct equipment, VHS has inherent problems such as picture noise (grain) that can only be fixed via restoration, even PPV commercial DVDs can look grainy. You even get compression artifacts in Straight-to-DVD (recording a TV broadcast to DVD via a DVD recorder) videos which is caused by people recording in 2 hour mode instead of 1 hour mode (assuming the programme was broadcast in a higher bitrate to begin with - old pre-digital progammes usually were) . Personally I think the VHS conversions are unwatchable so I re-master them by removing all the constant noises such as hiss and clicks and I remove the compression artifacts in the picture, etc so you get something that's actually watchable. Unless otherwise stated, I don't work with wrestling DVDs sourced from highly compressed sources such as AVIs or YouTube.

Wrestling DVDs are usually poor quality, however after I remaster them they look much better. In the table below is a free 1 minute before and after wrestling DVD sample from Raw 1997 so you can see for yourself. It's from a VHS-to-DVD conversion I remastered to DVD (the quality wasn't too bad to begin with but it's just an example to show you the improvements that can be made). You'll need an NTSC compatible TV and DVD player for it to play properly. Simply burn the ISO to a DVD or a DVD rewritable disc. You can use any DVD software that allows you to burn an image or simply download ImgBurn which is free and select Mode, Ez Mode Picker, Write Image File to Disc. It will only take you about 5 minutes to burn the disc. Alternatively you can download the MPEG2 version for watching in Windows Media Player on your PC but that won't give you a realistic view of what it will look like on your TV compared to the ISO sample.

The 1st minute is the original VHS to DVD conversion. You'll notice it has a constant hissing noise as well as clicking noises that occur every several seconds (most sets from 2003 and onwards were originally recorded Straight-to-DVD so usually those won't have any audio problems). The picture quality is OK but it's peppered with light compression artifacts around the edges of objects, there's also blocking and there is picture noise such as flicker, etc.

The 2nd minute shows the same video after I've remastered it. The hissing and clicking noises are gone and so is the picture noise and compression artifacts.

MPEG2 for Downloading & Viewing on PC

Samples: To download each of the samples above, copy and paste the link into your browser's address bar then press the enter key to visit the page where you can download it.

Stock Levels

I try to release a new set at least every 2 weeks (on average) but it's not always possible to do so. But rest assured I'm always working on something.

Wrestling DVDs to Bluray Restoration Process

Cuts Made

All commercials are removed. Whenever time permits I also cut time wasting bits as follows: I cut the junk out at the start of the show where they tell you what matches are coming up. Why? Because I don't need to be told for 5 minutes what matches are coming up, they can tell me that when they actually start! Also at the very start of the show after the title sequence they have a pointless fireworks display (not for a wrestler's entrance) for about 1 minute. I cut that as well.

After a wrestler enters the ring at the start of a match they usually show a half-screen commercial for the next PPV, that's just a blatant commercial and there's nothing of value in there such as a promo so I cut those seconds out. Unless it's some epic moment or when you need to see something at a different angle, I cut the pointless replays where they show you something that you saw perfectly well the first time. On Raw 1996 for example I think there were 2 episodes which each showed a PPV match repeat during a normal episode. I removed those matches because there's no point in keeping a repeat of a match which was on a PPV. Why would you want to watch the match in lower quality on a home recording when you can buy the official PPV DVD and watch it in good quality?

The Nitro nWo announcements were obviously an entertaining commercial which was a part of the show so I kept that. However when they repeat the same announcement again I cut the repeats. Sometimes in between matches or promos they show a recap of what happened last week but it has no relation to anything in the current episode so I cut that. I DO NOT remove the recap at the start of the show.

Some seasons have a "best of" episode at the end of every season. I only keep unique content from that. In short, for every episode I cut all the time wasting stuff but I never remove anything of value such as promos, matches or entertaining chat between the commentators, etc. For the debut (and last ever episode of a show that's been cancelled) I cut nothing except the non-wrestling commercials.

Discs, Covers & Cases


It's highly unlikely that you'll get coasters or missing episodes/bits of episodes with me because I check online wrestling results websites to make sure I have all the episodes before selling a season and when editing a video I would usually notice if there were missing matches or promos. My videos are on high quality region-free discs that work anywhere in the world. My discs are NTSC format unless otherwise stated (you'll need an NTSC supported BluRay player and TV). Any TV made within the last several years should support NTSC. If you can't find a Bluray player which supports it, just search Ebay for "NTSC Bluray Player". The PS3 supports NTSC no matter what country you're in. Also note that some Bluray players may say they only play discs from a certain region however they may still play NTSC and PAL and even if it just says it supports PAL, it may still support NTSC (ask the retailer).

I carefully pack my discs to ensure they are unmarked & unscratched when I pack them. The discs are NOT labelled, instead I put printed labels on the paper wallets. I don't label the discs because they may cause playback problems on some Bluray players. This way you can label the discs however you want or you can handwrite on them with a CD pen. You can even print on them directly with a printer.


Usually within a month of releasing a new set I also release covers for it (if the people who create the covers for me are able to do so). If covers weren't available when you purchased the item then you can still download them for free from your account when they're made available. The previews you see on are compressed to load quickly, the covers you receive are high quality so they'll look exactly like the covers you get when you buy Wrestling Blurays in the shops. The covers can be printed on ordinary paper but I would recommend matt glossy paper.

Please note that the paper the covers are printed on is larger than what fits in a Bluray case so you'll need to cut the white space off - I suggest buying a guillotine. My Wrestling Bluray covers are 3136 pixels wide x 1714 high with no white space around them.

Print Covers on Your Own Printer

You'll need A4 paper. Download UnderCoverXP from OR you can download it from my site here which is the version I made the instructions for:

In the program go to Options > Format Editor.

Click the "Add" button. In the "Size" section on the left enter the following (sizes are in mm) assuming you want 14mm spines: Width: 148 Height: 270. In the "Name" box create any name you want for that size such as "Bluray 14mm". You can click on the "Move up" button to move it up to the top. After that click OK.

From now on to print a cover all you do is this: In the main window tick "Print on a single page". In the left drop-down menu select "Bluray 14mm". Click on the white image below the drop-down menu to open the image you want to print. Click on the "Print Left" button. The printer options will pop-up allowing you to select the quality you want, etc.

Once you click OK to print you may see a pop-up that says "The cover is (partly) positioned outside the printable area of your printer. It will be corrected automatically. Please check your configuration file…." Click OK and it should print fine. Note that it's up to you what paper you use but for the best results you should use matt or glossy paper.

Professionally Printed at

The easiest way to get prints is to upload your images to who will mail the physical prints to you in the post (they're in hard plastic so they won't get damaged). seem to give the best quality prints at the cheapest price.

I suggest Matt prints at 10.5 inch x 8 inch. You can go with gloss which is slightly more expensive but you can't really see any difference between that and matt once the covers are behind the plastic covers of the case. In the options after uploading your images you should select "No" to "Photo Enhancement" and ignore the ICC profile message. Under "Resize" choose Fit. DO NOT tick "White Borders". Tick "options apply to all photos" then click "Apply Options". will print the Bluray covers to the exact size of a 14mm Bluray case - all you need to do is cut the white space off the physical prints when you receive them. can typically deliver 5 covers anywhere in the world for less than £10. Please note that delivery outside the UK can take up to 3 weeks.


I don't provide Bluray cases as those would cost too much to deliver internationally (and to be fair to everyone I don't provide these even if you're in the UK) so you'll need to buy your own cases (I recommend Amaray cases). Once you have a case you simply slot the paper cover behind the plastic cover of the case. Each item mentions what cases you'll need in the description.

All the covers on are designed for Bluray cases with a 14mm spine, 15mm cases may also fit. I recommend Amaray cases whenever possible (I've tested those and they're high quality) although that brand is generally not available in the USA. Cases cost less than £1 or $1. Buying in bulk will be much cheaper.

UK: You can easily find 14mm Amaray cases on Amazon, Ebay or on lots of other sites.
USA: You can buy 14mm Scanavo cases on I recommend only buying the triple cases even if you only need a double because the double case has both discs on the same side overlapping each other whereas the triple has 2 on the same side and 1 on the other. So you could have 1 disc on each side if you wanted which gives easier access.

You can buy 14mm triple cases (1 disc on 1 side and a 2 disc floating tray insert in the middle) at &

Third Party Wrestling DVDs

Wrestling DVDs available elsewhere typically have all or some of the following problems:

Technical Details of My Improvements

You don't need to read this section but for those interested in the technical details of what I do, this is for you.


I buy the best quality Wrestling DVDs available but even those still have problems like I mentioned before. I fix those problems using high-end audio and video tools. The following shows what I do for a typical 2 hour Wrestling DVD:

  1. First of all I demux the wrestling DVD into an MPEG2 file. Time: 5 Minutes.
  2. I can't edit the audio until I extract it from the video so I demux the MPEG2 into a separate video and Dolby Digital audio file. I then convert the Dolby Digital file into a WAV file. Time: 7 Minutes
  3. I then edit the WAV file in my editing program. I remove any noises which shouldn't be there such as hiss and clicks. I then convert the WAV back to a Dolby Digital file. Technically you do lose quality during the conversion but you won't hear any difference. I then mux the separate audio and video file back into an MPEG2 file. Time: 1 Hour
  4. I remove the commercials (Re-Mux). Time: 15 Minutes
  5. I then run the wrestling video through a video editor which removes any artifacts, improves the picture quality and I also make colour corrections. Time: 3 hours 30 Minutes. I also let it fix several videos at night while I sleep.
  6. I then author (Re-Mux) the finished wrestling video with my Bluray Authoring program. Time: 12 Minutes per episode.
  7. Total Time spent on a 2 hour episode: 5 hours 9 Minutes! Now you can see why it takes me up to 2 weeks to fix a whole Wrestling DVD season!

How to View in the Best Picture Quality


All major Debit Cards and Credit cards are accepted. Paypal is NOT accepted.

If you try to pay via one of the above methods and payment was declined then it will be because of one of the following reasons:

Terms and Conditions

Please note that all sales are final. You cannot change your mind after purchasing, before or after you receive the goods. I am very clear about the quality of my wrestling DVDs (Blurays) and about exactly what product you will receive.

If a product doesn't work then I will ask some simple questions to determine the cause. If more than once you refuse to answer these questions then no replacement or refund will be given and I will stop communicating with you. I've had to add that rule due to rare instances of customers getting into long drawn out and sometimes hostile email exchanges for no reason instead of just answering my polite questions and sticking to the point. If from your answers I determine that the product is working fine then no replacement or refund will be given.

I don't claim to give you perfect audio and video quality, I just do the best I can. Not every problem can be fixed. I could leave in some of the hiss, hum, clicking noises etc, in order to get better audio quality (bass) but I choose to remove most/all of those unwanted noises which may result in some loss of bass (you lose some of the low and high frequencies). For some sets, some people have complained about the lack of bass saying that the audio kind of sounds like radio quality. I think that's an exaggeration, yes you lose some bass but the audio quality still sounds perfectly acceptable to me. I would not give you something that I wouldn't want to watch myself.

Please be aware of the following before ordering:

Playback Issues

If you buy PAL or NTSC discs please make sure that your Bluray player supports PAL or NTSC.

If your Bluray player does support NTSC or PAL and you find that the discs won't play then I will of course send free replacements using the same shipping method that you used to buy them. However if ALL the discs won't play then I will NOT send replacements/refund you for the following reason: If you're having playback problems on ALL the discs then it's due to compatibility problems with your Bluray player. Try updating the firmware on your Bluray player to the latest version.

Bluray authoring software which burns 100% compliant discs that work on any player, is not available to the public. So there's a small chance that your Bluray player will not play the discs. I rarely hear of that issue from my customers.

If you have a Bluray player from common brands like Sony, Samsung, etc then it should work (some models from those brands may still not work). I know for sure that the PS3 works fine as I have one and many people feel that the PS3 is the best Bluray player in the world.

Privacy Policy

We don't share your details with 3rd parties. Account signup is required before you can place an order. This gives you various benefits such as: